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Michael Franco – Think. (Album Review)


Michael Franco (@MPFranco)

Hey Folks,

Its really been too long…

This piece of artwork should’ve BEEN posted already…

If you have ever heard Franco’s prior work, this one blows ALL of them out of the water…

Franco, the primary producer from Old Soul in a Young Fool, and Maybe Tomorrow from the OSYMAUGUSTINE EP brings to us his latest Instrumental LP, Think.

Think. is my personal favorite project from Franco thus far! It features a very laid back and soulful sound that tends to leave you in a relaxed yet pensive mental state.

There are heavy drum arrangements that often times make it seem as if there is a live drummer on many of these tracks.

As an artist, Michael Franco has really come into his own with this project. Think. is a pure work of art that seems to be such a rarity these days in the hip hop world.

Here is one of Franco’s self-written and directed music videos for Muse from Think.

Michael Franco – Muse

The album also features an excellent cover of Nas & AZ’s “Life’s a Bitch”

Michael Franco – “Life’s a Bitch”(Cover)

OSYM Favorites:


For Erika

Bless You

I can’t say enough good things about this album.

Make sure you give it a listen if you dig these tracks!


Michael Franco – Think.







G-Eazy: The Outsider (Review)

G-Eazy: Outsider

G-Eazy (@G_Eazy)

Hey Folks,

Last night / this morning at 12am G-Eazy released his project, The Outsider. Sponsored by Good Music All Day and This Bonus Track The Ousider is entirely produced, engineered, and written by G-Eazy(with the exception of featuring artists).

Lyrically G-Eazy really comes into his own. He speaks of how he doesn’t fit in with many popular circles, how he is not a cookie cutter white rapper, and that he’s entire fine with that. He speaks of his dreams ambitions and aspirations of remaining on tour and meeting people as he travels.

G-Eazy_Outsider_Full Art

If you dug his last project Big, this is a step up from that. It comes out as a more laid back project overall, but also has more story-based tracks with a background sound based in indie rock / electro sound.

OSYM Tracks:

This is actually very difficult…

California Culture

Thing for You

The Outsider


You know what?

Just peep the shit….


G-Eazy: The Outsider





S-Mak: The Beginning of All End

beginning of all end

S - Mak

Hey Folks,

In all honesty…this is the most perfectly crafted flow I have ever heard.

I could speak about this thing for an entire day…

It’s an honor to know the man that said,

“Jackie Robinson of this rap shit…I’m the only nigga I know in my league”

among other things…

Just see for yourself.


S-Mak: The Beginning of All End




Top Billion – Wake Up (Prod. OSYM)


top billion

Top Billion (@TopBillion)

Hey Folks,

Heres a joint from Louisiana’s own Top Billion.

No doubt this young man grinds. He records himself…he probably shot the video himself…he doesn’t write his lyrics either…I’ve seen him.

Very passionate…

“I hustle, in hell, I could sell fire”


PS… I produced it…

K Bye.

Top Billion – Wake Up (Prod. OSYM)

Listen / Download





G-Eazy: Dear Ms. Rose


G-Eazy (@G_Eazy)

Hey Folks,

If you’ve never heard of G-Eazy, you haven’t been to one of the many Drake Tour dates within the past year that G-Eazy opened up for.

A Nothern Cali Bay Area native, G-Eazy brings to us another single from his upcoming project The Outsider.

“Dear Ms. Rose” is his self produced ode to the beautiful Amber Rose. For more clarification, its that ultra sexy chick Kanye West was often seen with over the past year and a half prior to their breakup. He discusses his desires to hook up with Amber Rose.

Within the joint he makes many references to other Hip Hop joints with a similar premises. Notorious B.I.G.’s ” Dreams of Fucking an R&B Bitch” is a referenced ad-lib within the hook.

The song features sample work from the Phenomenal Handclap Band’s 2010 song, Baby.

I thoroughly dug this joint hope you guys….


The Phenominal Hand Clap Band – Baby

G-Eazy : Dear Ms. Rose

Download: G-Eazy: Dear Ms. Rose




Hawdwerk & Jansport J – You Ain’t Sayin Nada


Hawdwerk (@Hawdwerk) & Jansport J (@JansportJ)

Hey Folks,

Hopefully you all are familiar with The Cov’s own Hawdwerk and Jansport J.

If not, its absolutely time to get familiar.

Cov Original Music’s own Hawdwerk & Jansport J bring to us the first single from their upcoming album Blackballs.

“You Ain’t Sayin Nada” is a prime example of Jansport J’s versatility as a producer. He brings hard hitting drums which are very contrary to his most recently released project Save My Soul.

Hawdwerk speaks of how the region of Covina has assembled into a full fledged movement of hip hop as well as his passion for hard work to bring more attention to where he resides.

I highly appreciate the energy and passion brought with this track. So without further adieu…


Hawdwerk & Jansport J – You Ain’t Sayin Nada

Download: Hawdwerk & Jansport J – You Ain’t Sayin Nada





Booking for Hawdwerk & Jansport J:

Mai Shafik


Tyler the Creator – Inglorious

tyler the creator

Tyler the Creator (@fucktyler)

Hey Folks,

I’m sure by now you all have witnessed the gigantic buzz that Tyler the Creator and his collective OFWGKTA have been causing on the press these past few months. Many members of OFWGKTA have signed record deals with both indie and major labels. Tyler and Left Brain have even met up with Pharrell and Chad of the Neptunes.

At any rate, aside from the outrageous image Tyler has created for himself he has some down to earth tracks like his track, “Inglorius” from his debute album, Bastard.

“Inglorious” is a track at the end of the album in which Tyler really comes clean on how he feels about being a bastard by the dictionary definition. He speaks about how his father was out of his life, and how the lack of a father figure had a large impact in the formation of his personality from childhood until now.

This one is one of my absolute faves from him. hope you all dig it!


Tyler the Creator – Inglorious

Download: Tyler the Creator – Bastard (Album)