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Michael Franco – Think. (Album Review)


Michael Franco (@MPFranco)

Hey Folks,

Its really been too long…

This piece of artwork should’ve BEEN posted already…

If you have ever heard Franco’s prior work, this one blows ALL of them out of the water…

Franco, the primary producer from Old Soul in a Young Fool, and Maybe Tomorrow from the OSYMAUGUSTINE EP brings to us his latest Instrumental LP, Think.

Think. is my personal favorite project from Franco thus far! It features a very laid back and soulful sound that tends to leave you in a relaxed yet pensive mental state.

There are heavy drum arrangements that often times make it seem as if there is a live drummer on many of these tracks.

As an artist, Michael Franco has really come into his own with this project. Think. is a pure work of art that seems to be such a rarity these days in the hip hop world.

Here is one of Franco’s self-written and directed music videos for Muse from Think.

Michael Franco – Muse

The album also features an excellent cover of Nas & AZ’s “Life’s a Bitch”

Michael Franco – “Life’s a Bitch”(Cover)

OSYM Favorites:


For Erika

Bless You

I can’t say enough good things about this album.

Make sure you give it a listen if you dig these tracks!


Michael Franco – Think.







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