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G-Eazy: The Outsider (Review)

G-Eazy: Outsider

G-Eazy (@G_Eazy)

Hey Folks,

Last night / this morning at 12am G-Eazy released his project, The Outsider. Sponsored by Good Music All Day and This Bonus Track The Ousider is entirely produced, engineered, and written by G-Eazy(with the exception of featuring artists).

Lyrically G-Eazy really comes into his own. He speaks of how he doesn’t fit in with many popular circles, how he is not a cookie cutter white rapper, and that he’s entire fine with that. He speaks of his dreams ambitions and aspirations of remaining on tour and meeting people as he travels.

G-Eazy_Outsider_Full Art

If you dug his last project Big, this is a step up from that. It comes out as a more laid back project overall, but also has more story-based tracks with a background sound based in indie rock / electro sound.

OSYM Tracks:

This is actually very difficult…

California Culture

Thing for You

The Outsider


You know what?

Just peep the shit….


G-Eazy: The Outsider






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