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Verze – Dark Matter Solution (Prod. oriJanus)

Verze - Dark Matter Solution

Verze (@verze)

Hey Folks!!!

Rather surprising joint I received here…

We should never pass judgment,  because judgment is rooted in expectation and assumption…

When expectations are missed you are frustrated…


“when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of u and mption…” – Samuel L. Jackson ( The Long Kiss Goodnight)

But what happens when your assumptions and expectations are exceeded?

What dope hip hop have YOU heard from Omaha, Nebraska!?

Thought so, stop judging me now…(caught cha bitch…)

But on a serious note, Verze is putting in work on this track here. With this being the first single from his upcoming album entitled ShadowLight, oriJanus definitely gave him room to work on this beat; the two created an exceptional work of art!

Verse - Shadowlight Album Cover

ShadowLight Album Art, Verze

Verze gives us potent content in a different fashion…seems to me like he received some influence from an early Lupe Fiasco, ill.

” Claiming that the gats are fun/

you’ re blasting none, like guns/

on a Sister Act set, Mr. clap techs/

no longer official, like  Joey Crawford”  -Verze


“You gotta think, instead of reenacting the actions on the tube” -Verze

Really now?

“Nowadays kids praise about holding clips/

like a Neptune instrumental/

not coincidental/

its not a cartoon, your, /

catchy cartoons, thumping in the trunk/

got our generation looking doomed”  -Verze



Moral of the story?

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

I’ve said too much already…

Listen and ENJOY!

Verze – Dark Matter Solution (Prod. oriJanus)


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